Tending to your growth

We start with a fertile foundation through our flagship tax services. Having established your roots here sets you up for healthy growth tomorrow. As your needs change and you require additional support we curate our offerings to put strong bookkeeping processes in place. With a flourishing future comes the need for a more attentive approach to the business of you. Richman’s business management services allow you to shine. From putting down your roots to reaching upward and emerging successfully, we grow together.

Tax Services

Taxes are the core of our business and the foundation of your finances. Having a solid tax strategy built by our team of experts will set you up for success. This includes proactive tax planning, deductible expense tracking, advising on incorporation, in addition to tax preparation. The value we bring through education in tandem with recommendations gives you the confidence in our collaborative plan. 

Bookkeeping & Consulting

Having solid bookkeeping processes in place when you’re ready saves you time and stress down the line. Richman can build upon our tax service offerings to set a smart course for setting up your books. We also provide consulting services to help you apply additional a thinking to your growth plan. 

Business Management

You’ve moved from drive to thrive and recognize that you need a more custom and comprehensive solution. Richman brings concierge-level business management services to high net worth individuals in need of more complex services. We are also a trusted referral source to our vetted and time-tested investment and insurance advisor network.