The business of you.

You’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are. Your talents and livelihood are intrinsically connected and you surround yourself with those you trust. To continue to excel and eliminate worry, you require the confidence that comes with having the right people in your corner. 

Richman Accountancy Corporation will give you that peace of mind.

We are a boutique certified public accounting firm that understands the unique professional trajectory of the entertainment industry and high net worth professionals. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our niche clientele, providing sound tax strategy to minimize your exposure as you travel along your growth journey. 

We counsel with candor. We empower with education. The Richman team gives you real talk, not accounting lingo. We always provide clarity over confusion and will dig in to get answers to any of your complex questions. Our concierge level of tax planning and preparation services align with your career goals to eliminate worry. We are also happy to avail you to our inner circle of trusted resources to consult on additional business management professional services as those needs arise.